Actionable Ideas from the Field


Teaching English Language Learners

This introductory course will enable you to cultivate a classroom environment that embraces diversity and celebrates the identity of every student.

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Teaching English Language Learners Level Two

This learning series continues with digging deeper into the theoretical underpinnings and strategies for making content accessible for English Learners (ELs). 

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ESL Digging Deeper into Vocabulary

The purpose of this workshop is to provide you with a variety of empirically supported and meaningful strategies to enrich your ELs' vocabulary development.

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Understanding & Supporting Behaviour

In this workshop we will look at what we know about behaviour. What makes a tough kid a tough kid? Reflecting on what we are seeing in our schools and classrooms everyday.

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Developing Independence in Your Classroom

Being able to think, learn and make good choices independently remains one of the most important skills that your students can acquire.​

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Supporting English Learners During Online

Tips and exploring tools that will bridge the gap between in-person and remote learning so that ELs are able to receive the support they need to find success in the virtual environment.

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