Embracing Opportunities In English Language Learning

Ah, the wonderful animated music of multiple languages… Canada is a place where people from all over the world are welcome either as immigrants or for shorter periods of study or work.  The 2011 Cenus of Population indicated that there were more than 200 mother tongues or languages including Canada’s two official languages (English and French).  That variety is part of our special flavour but to learn and communicated there is also the need for a common language, and this means that many people we welcome will be learning one or more of our official languages.  

 This brings challenges and gifts and in this next series on English language learning we will explore those with stories from the classroom sprinkled with expert advice that you can take and try out in your own learning space.

 We will begin with a particular focus on early learners (playschool and elementary), although many of the elements and external supports explored will also apply to older students and adults, and then we will blend in the voices of secondary level educators.



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