Leveraging Technology


New tech, old tech, digital this, digital that. Technology is everywhere and there is no question that it is constantly changing how we live, work and play. But do you ever think or even care about how technology influences education? Do you embrace it or deplore it? Whatever the answer, there is no way you can ignore it. So, take advantage of a session with someone who understands technology, education, and teachers using technology in education, all while having fun and being entertained at the same time. Leslie Fisher is a renowned tech aficionado who has spent more than 20 years supporting educators with their technology goals. She is the presenter of the series Powering Competencies with Technology, and this is the perfect series for you no matter where you are at in your use of technology in learning.

Not only will you have fun just being there, you’ll leave feeling like you’ve gained a wealth of information about how to use technology in the development of competencies such as communication, collaboration, high level problem-solving, creativity and innovation (OECD competencies and Alberta Ed competencies) even how it can be used to simply make reading more accessible to someone who struggles with reading. You can be assured “Leslie’s simple instructions, tips and tricks are practical and immediately usable.” – Jessica Moore testimonial.

Leslie Fisher will be making her first Canadian appearance November 27, 2019 in Calgary. This will be a two-day series with a continuing session to be held February 26, 2020. For further details and to register for her session(s). 

You can also check out all the excellent professional learning opportunities being offered by the Calgary Regional Consortium 


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